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Climate change

What action, if any, should the U.S. make to address climate change?

Mike Braun, Republican

"All of us want clean air and clean water. But you've got to have common sense. You can do what the Democrats did and started picking winners and losers by trying to prop up industries — that may be a part of a long term solution. That's the way big government and bureaucrats work."

"We now have got energy independence, and that has got to be always taken into consideration while you're keeping the environment in healthy condition."

Lucy Brenton, Libertarian

"You know, the problem is with corporations. And government regulations which actually give permission to the corporations on how much they can pollute."

We need a global cleanup effort to get the plastics and dirt out of our oceans ... We need hemp. Why do we need hemp? Because it fixes carbon. Why do we need hemp? Because we don't need ethanol. That's just another government boondoggle that pays off his cronies.

Joe Donnelly, Democrat incumbent

"I am all in for American energy. For ethanol for our farmers. They're having huge struggles with tariffs right now, and their prices have gone down. We need to make that ethanol market even more available and be used more. For wind, for solar, for clean coal — if it's made in America we want to use it. And we want to make it so we have a cleaner environment. We have a sacred obligation to our children ... to turn over a planet and a country and a state and a lake and a river that's clean today than when we first found it."