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Justice Brett Kavanaugh

A month out from the election, the Senate voted to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Indiana's incumbent U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly voted against his confirmation.

Mike Braun, Republican

"When you have a judge with [Brett Kavanaugh's] qualifications, you know that he's not going to legislate from the bench. He's not going to do what judges have been doing for a long time. But I think what you should have gotten from the recent spectacle there, is the Democrats — including Joe Donnelly — will do or say anything when it comes to their political interests. It is a blood sport. And as long as it's like that, you're going to have decisions made based, not on what Hoosiers want, but based upon what Chuck Schumer wants."

Lucy Brenton, Libertarian

"I think as a female, I think it's important that I stand up here and stand for women. I think that we should be believed when we come forward. But just because we're women, doesn't mean that we are automatically telling the truth. What I'm seeing here is a lot of partisanship. I've had my #MeToo moments. But when I looked at this through the lens of logic, I asked myself, would Judge Kavanaugh be the type of judge to uphold the Constitution? He is a co-author of the Patriot Act, he is no friend to the Fourth or Fifth Amendment. I would have been "no" from day one."

Joe Donnelly, Democrat incumbent

"Even while I'm running for re-election, my first job is to do what's right for the people of Indiana and to do what's right for our country. With Judge Kavanaugh, I used the same process I used when I voted for Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's first pick. And Judge Kavanaugh — when you saw his testimony before the committee — I had very grave concerns about his impartiality and about his judicial temperament."

"My job is to do what's right for our country while taking all of the information from our state as well."