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Mike Braun, Republican

"I'm not interested in tariffs at all as a long-term thing. They ought to all be gone like most of us compete here in the U.S. I think President Trump, though, actually recognized that it's time to rectify these things. I knew he was going to use it as a stick for a short term and I was surprised that it's now been resolved in the three most important places — the EU, Mexico, and Canada. The Chinese are different and I never did think tariffs was going to be an effective tool with them and that's proven to be the case. Once I'm elected our next senator, when I can bend the president's ear, if that hasn't been resolved, that needs to quickly change."

Lucy Brenton, Libertarian

"How are these subsidies that are given to replace the money lost by tariffs affecting the average individual? The average Hoosier is paying multiple times for that tariff — first in the price of corn, then in the price of the subsidies to the farmers. So it's absolutely unacceptable that we're being stolen from at every level. I believe in zero corporate income taxes. The reason our jobs are being outsourced is so that we can keep prices low by not having as many corporate taxes included in the price. Having corporate taxes of zero would allow our corporations to stay in this country, keep prices low."

"The money isn't lost anywhere. The money is simply in the consumers' hands instead of the government's. So, if I pay $10 for a product instead of $15 because of the taxes, now the consumer pays $10 and the other $5 stays in the consumer's pocket, where it belongs."

Joe Donnelly, Democrat incumbent

"I've testified before the International Trade Court on a number of occasions on behalf of our steelworkers in northwest Indiana. I'll have their back every time. But fixing that should not result in the next step being $200 billion in tariffs on our farmers. And I met with the president personally and said 'Mr. President, look. These tariffs are a dagger aimed at the heart of our farmers.' And I urged him to find an off ramp."