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President Donald Trump

How will each candidate work with President Trump?

Mike Braun, Republican

"[Donald Trump] makes promises and keeps them. And he needs a true ally. Not somebody that says something when you're in Indiana, and does something differently when you're in D.C."

"[Trump] promised to drain the swamp, and I want to be an ally — when I get there you can count on me, I'm going for the right reasons."

Lucy Brenton, Libertarian

"My role would then be to hold him back from doing the things that are unconstitutional. My role is to hold people to the Constitution — that's the master contract. I think what we saw in the debate on October 8 was Sen. Joe Donnelly trying to prove how Republican he is and of course Braun with the ACA trying to prove how Democrat he is. What they're proving is that they are more of the same."

Joe Donnelly, Democrat incumbent

"When the president is right, I'm with him, like I have been 62 percent of the time on legislation, 77 percent of the time on judges. So, for instance, on Right to Try legislation I was with the president. On opioids legislation, we actually have a piece of legislation on his desk right now and so we worked together on that as well."