Navigating the Individual Learning Program (IEP) process

Most Indiana students with disabilities are back in the classroom this year, but there’s concern among educators, experts and parents that these students lost out on valuable social opportunities during the pandemic.

The overall lasting effect of COVID-19 on the academic, social and emotional well-being for students with disabilities is still unknown. But here's what we do already know:

The WFYI Education Desk is committed to special education coverage. As part of our reporting, we want to highlight and explain common challenges families face as they navigate the special education system in Indiana. 

We created a digital map that follows the often complicated and confusing process that three Indiana families of students with disabilities went through. We've also included context that explains how special education laws apply in each situation. While these stories are not representative of every experience, the barriers are common. The stories are based on the recollections of the parents involved and available legal documentation. WFYI did not name specific school corporations unless they were already named in legal decisions.