Indiana Unemployment And Risk Calculator

The decision to go back to work is often about more than money – COVID-19 risk also plays a significant role. Below are several resources to help weigh those options: how risky is your job? Can you make enough to survive on unemployment?

GRAPHIC: Lauren Chapman and Justin Hicks/IPB News

SOURCE: Indiana Department of Workforce Development

To calculate your unemployment benefits, you have to first know what your "base period wages" are. For initial claims made between April 4 and July 4, you'll need to know your total gross income (before taxes) from Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020.

Base period wages total:

Estimated weekly benefit amount*:

*The maximum weekly benefit from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development is $390. Unemployment benefits are subject to state taxes.

Several states have opted out of federal benefits which provide unemployment relief to self-employed workers and an extra $300 a week for all state and federal programs.

With federal benefits: