Indiana Supreme Court Project

Indiana Supreme Court: IPBS Public Outreach Project

IPBS is a resource to bring our state government closer to every Hoosier home. In addition to our award winning public radio news service, IPBS stations present:

  • Candidate Debates
  • Local 3rd House Programs
  • Indiana Lawmakers
  • Governor’s Annual State of the State Address
  • First ever State of Indiana Education Address 2010
  • First statewide broadcast of the annual State of the Judiciary Address 2010

Now, IPBS stations are taking the next step to make our state government even more accessible to Indiana residents.

What is the Indiana Supreme Court: IPBS Public Outreach Project?

Court decisions have a far reaching impact on the lives of every citizen. Understanding the role, rules and practices of our court system is essential to everyone.

In concert with the Indiana Supreme Court, IPBS has developed a broadcast schedule of special programs designed to inform Hoosiers about their court system and to expand their access to its public proceedings. For the first time, Indiana Supreme Court proceedings will be broadcast statewide.

Other topics include:

The Indiana Supreme Court and IPBS invite Hoosiers everywhere to learn about these essential pillars of self government.

Broadcast Times: Programs can be seen at 6:00 PM Thursdays on one of your local public television station’s digital channels. Please check local listings for specific topics and encore times. You can also watch most of the programs online here.

This educational project for Indiana is made possible by:
Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, Indiana Bar Association, Indiana Paralegal Association, Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations and the Indiana Supreme Court.