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ATSC 3.o – Next Generation Digital

Learn about ATSC 3.0
ATSC 3.0, or Next Generation Digital, is on the horizon for public television broadcasters. This technology gives broadcasters the ability to mix broadcast content and data together into new hybrid experiences. Next Generation Digital has far reaching implications for television viewing, but perhaps more importantly for public safety.

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Welcome to Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS).  IPBS is a not-for-profit association of 17 public TV and radio stations which serve the state of Indiana.  Together they provide engaging, educational and informational programming for Indiana citizens.
The best of PBS and NPR combined with award-winning local programs to meet community interests and statewide news are just some of the services delivered to Hoosier homes and schools by IPBS member stations.
For full information about the services in your local area, at the bottom of this page, select the logo of the station nearest you.

Member Stations

The IPBS Indiana map displays all of the member stations located in Indiana. Click on a city to see its stations and coverage area.

TV stations are blue FM stations are orange AM stations are yellow
South Bend/Elkhart WNIT - TV WVPE - TV South Bend/Elkhart Fort Wayne WFWA - TV WCKZ - FM WBOI - FM W204BF - FM WBNI - FM Fort Wayne Muncie WIPB - TV WBSW-FM WBSJ-FM WBST-FM WBSB-FM WBSH-FM Muncie Bloomington WTIU - TV WFIU - FM Bloomington Evansville WNIN - TV WNIN - FM Evansville Vincennes WVUT - TV WVUB - FM Vincennes Indianapolis WFYI - TV WFYI - FM Indianapolis West Lafayette WBAA - AM WBAA - FM West Lafayette Merrillville WYIN - TV WLPR - FM Merrillville