Indiana Debate Commission Opens Season with Oct. 16 U.S. Senate Debate

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The Indiana Debate Commission will host a single debate between three U.S. Senate candidates on Sunday, Oct. 16, with a one-hour broadcast starting at 7 p.m. Eastern.

The single debate in this year’s race will include three candidates: incumbent Sen. Todd Young (Republican), Thomas McDermott (Democrat), and James Sceniak (Libertarian).

Anyone can submit questions for consideration in this debate, which will be moderated by Laura Merrifield Wilson, an associate professor of political science at the University of Indianapolis, and also a commission board member. She previously moderated a gubernatorial debate in 2016.

Questions for these candidates will come primarily from Hoosier voters, which can be submitted online at

To submit a question for consideration, click “Ask Your Question” on the top menu of the Indiana Debate Commission website through September 30. Questions will be reviewed and selected solely by the commission, and some submitters may be offered the opportunity to ask their questions in person.

The debate will be broadcast live from the studios of WFYI-TV in Indianapolis. The commission will provide a live broadcast feed and web stream to news media outlets across Indiana for viewers statewide.

Hoosiers will be able to view, listen to, and stream the debate locally on these Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations.

The debate commission’s production partner WFYI has several options to watch live, including over the air on 20.1, Comcast and AT&T U-Verse channel 20 (HD channel 1020), BrightHouse channel 20 (HD channel 349), and DirecTV and Dish Network channel 20. The debate will also air on radio 90.1 FM and streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

WLPR-FM Lakeshore Public Radio 89.1 at 6 p.m.  Central Time in NW Indiana

WYIN Lakeshore PBS over the air on channel 56, on Comcast on 17 or 21 (HD Channel 239), on DISH Network HD Channel 6320, AT&T U-verse HD Channel 6320, AT&T HD Channel 1056 and DirectTV on 56, and online at

WFWA PBS Fort Wayne – live broadcast on main 39.1 channel

WIPB Ball State PBS in Muncie – live broadcast on main 49.1 channel

WNIT Michiana Public Media – live broadcast on main 34.1 channel

WVUT Vincennes PBS – live broadcast on main 22.1 channel at 6 p.m. Central Time

WNIN Evansville PBS – live broadcast on main 9.1 channel at 6 p.m. Central Time

WTIU in Bloomington – live broadcast on main 30.1 channel with rebroadcasts at the following times:

Channel                               Date                      Time
WTIU-HD 30.1                   10/16/2022        9 p.m.
WTIU-HD 30.1                   10/22/2022        5 p.m.
WTIU-ECHO 30.4               10/20/2022        2 a.m.
WTIU-ECHO 30.4               10/20/2022        6 a.m.
WTIU-ECHO 30.4               10/20/2022        10 a.m.
WTIU-ECHO 30.4               10/20/2022         2 p.m.